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​Our extensive group of experts have over 100 years of combined experience and a passion for new technologies.

Each and every one of our Forensic Mapping Systems is detailed to fit your agency. Learn the operation, care, maintenance, and evidence processing of your equipment and CAD design for accident reconstruction and crime scenes.

Each and every one of our training classes is taught by luminary experts in forensic mapping and scene documentation for accident reconstruction or crime scenes.

Scene Documentation to Courtroom Presentation. 360 degree digital imaging and presentation at its finest.

our Commitment

No one offers a wider range of full-scope Forensic Mapping systems and training. Learn to documents and map small scenes to catastrophic scenes. Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your agency's needs.

- Vehicle Accidents

- Crime Scenes
- Courtroom Presentation
- Professional Training
- Expert Instructors
- Technical Support
- Equipment Maintenance
- Cutting Edge Technology

- Sokkia

- Topcon

- MapScenes
- SceneWorks
- Forensic Mapping
- Catastrophic Scene Incidents 
- Scene Documentation 
- 3D Mapping
- Animation


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At CSI Mapping of Overland Park, Kansas, not only can we provide you with the right customized equipment package for your law enforcement agency's forensic mapping needs, but we are also experts in the critical incident and the accident reconstruction investigation field. With our years of experience, you get the applications and equipment you need, and you get our ability to effectively train your organization on how to become forensic mapping experts.

We specialize in:

Sokkia Robotic  and Optical Total Stations

Topcon Laser Scanner GLS Series

MapScenes Forensic CAD, Animation,  PointCloud and Evidence Recorder Software Accident Reconstruction programs

Rugged Data Collectors

UAV Aerial Mapping

SceneWorks by Spheron Single Scan 360 degree digital imaging

Csi mapping forensic mapping accident reconstruction

Call us at 1-800-810-9178. You can trust us to tell you exactly what law enforcement options there are and provide you the right forensic mapping equipment, accident reconstruction software, and training to meet your needs.

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