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The Personal Wx Station is a handheld appliance which tells you everything about your personal weather conditions: Wind speed, wind chill, temperature, relative humidity, head index, dew point, absolute pressure, pressure altitude, and Density Altitude (including humidity effect!).

At high altitudes a pilot’s inputs must be much more calculated and precise. Knowing exactly how the aircraft is going to react and what to do is essential. The RADIANT Wx Station keeps you in the know.

​Small size, 4.54” x 1.66” (115mm x 42mm)

Handheld; notches make it easy to grip

Standard coin battery power is included (CR2032)

English + Metric units

Operating Temperature: - 10 to +50C

Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% RH

Current consumption: 2.5ma; 5.0ma with backlight on

Crisp LCD display – a Radiant tradition

Weight: 2 ounces (about 60 grams)

Carrying case included

Air Velocity-Temperature -Humidity - Wind Chill - Heat Index

Dew Point - Barometric Pressure - Altitude - Beaufort scale

Density Altitude, calculated using temperature and relative humidity for better accuracy.

Call to order 1-800-810-9178

​$79.95 each