The mdMapper 1000DG never complains about the weather!

​Fly 30-45 minutes - you'll stay steady and on schedule even in rough wind.

​Digital Data Link - connect your devices!

​mdLanding Assistant - execute automatic final approach

​mdWay Point - Flight planning module for prep and flights

​mdAcademy - become an expert at flying and maintenance

No Ground Control Points, Less Side Lap And MORE Productivity!  Direct Georeferencing not only reduces flight time but reduces post-processing by up to half!

​The perfect corridor mapping tool.



Minimize Risks


UAV Aerial Mapping

The mdMapper200 is your gateway aerial mapping solution!

​This highly capable starter package is easy to integrate into your tool chest.

​Fly 20-25 minutes even in less than ideal conditions.

Achieve the same accuracy as traditional forensic mapping methods.

​Our popular cameral selections make it easy to upgrade just the camera, not the whole system!



microdrones has gained the trust of more than 1000 business worldwide. They have taken the guesswork out of the process so you are ensured a perfectly integrated aerial solution that performs flawlessly from start to finish.

microdrone construction


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