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forensic mapping training


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Potential presentation of evidence is a daunting prospect, so being sure of actions taken and confidence in use of any forensic system is key to the successful outcome of a case. At CSI Mapping we recognize this and provide a wide selection of courses to suit the equipment used and the experience of the training delegates. Our classes are small, ensuring that each delegate maximizes the benefit of the training. We provide specialized training to law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and attorney groups.

CSI Mapping and their staff of ACTAR accredited reconstructionists offer a variety of ACTAR accredited training courses in forensic mapping, utilizing total stations, evidence recorders and MapScenes PRO software. Transitional courses are available, as well as advanced mapping courses. The CSI Mapping staff have over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience. CSI Mapping is an authorized forensic mapping company and a specialty dealer for Sokkia Corporation strictly for law enforcement agencies. We have been teaching Forensic Mapping classes for almost 20 years.

Basic Forensic Mapping - 40 hours $925 per student*

Advanced Forensic Mapping - 32 hours $725 per student*

MapScenes/ IMS Map360 Animation 40 hours $925 per student*

Spider Mapping - 40 hours $925 per student*

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact us for more information.

We welcome your private class or open the class up and invite other agencies to attend.

*10 Student Minimum