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The Sokkia iX Robotic  

One person operation - collect measurements at an accident or crime scene by utilizing the Robotic operation of the Sokkia iX Series.

iX Series Brochure PDF 

​Fast Ultra Sonic Motors

​30% Smaller & Lighter

​Advanced UltraTrac Technology

Can be upgraded to GPS Hybrid

Sokkia GCX3

Based on Topcon's Hybrid Positioning Technology, never before has so much flexibility been integrated onto one instrument. The new Sokkia iX meets every demand required for rapid deployment and rapid mapping of critical incidents. 

Exclusive 300m Long-range Bluetooth AND Robotic operation AND Hybrid! What does this mean for the user?

No more aiming. Full Robotic with the RC-PR5 Remote control. Once the station is locked on the prism the station will track you.

Need rapid road clearance? Switch to reflectorless and measure with precision.

Out of sight of the station? Never a problem again, the Hybrid uses the new GCX3 RTK Network Rover.

​All in one unit. ​

CSI Mapping can provide you with more accuracy and more flexibility in a single package backed by our critical incident mapping experience.

iX Series Video ​        GCX3 Brochure

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The Sokkia iX Hybrid

​​​​​​​Upgradeable Auto-Tracking PDF

RED-tech Technology

Reflectorless EDM

Advanced Angle Measurement

Waterproof and Rugged

LongRange Bluetooth Communication

Up to 28 hours of battery life

IP 66 rating

Reflectorless up to 800 meters

Dual-axis compensation ensures stable measurements even on rough terrain.

The Sokkia DX

Direct aiming technology provides auto-tracking to the prism  even in dark settings.

Upgradeable to Hybrid Mode(RTK GPS)

DX Series Brochure PDF

The Sokkia IM Series

Two-person operation - collect measurements at a crash or crime scene faster and gather more data than traditional tape measure methods.

IM Series Brochure PDF