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SceneCenter Forensics

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 Virtual access to the Crime Scene site. Easy to use to access pdf reports, still photos, video, audio. Just hotlink the fingerprint report right onto the spherical image so the next generation Virtual Site Tour technology provides the viewer with the closest to being there opportunity. As an investigator, it takes reviewing the evidence to a place video doesn't go, and as a juror, it takes imagination out of the picture! The Scene - exactly as it was.

'The Next Generation Crime Scene Recording'

Staffordshire University and Staffordshire Police join forces to investigate the merits of SceneWorks Technology


SceneWorks by spheron


The modern crime scene investigation requires efficiency and objectivity. SceneWorks-forensics is a masterful co-presenter of the evidence documented by dedicated experts.

'The Next Generation Crime Scene Recording'

Imagine capturing 26f-stops in one single scan and producing a full 380 degree X 180 degree high dynamic range, high res, forge proof, digital image that you then share with any authorized personnel.  SpheronVR stopped imagining and made it real with SceneCam.

Day or night, SceneCam is ready to set up in 5 minutes or less. With over 8 hours of battery life it is tough enough to capture scan after scan after scan.


The Scanlight provides perfect illumination throughout the entire spherical scan. The inkiest shadows are transformed.