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The mdMapper200  has a unique Attitude, Height, and Heading Reference System that makes work easy. Beginning pilots can usually learn to control Microdrones in less than an hour.

Both manual and automatic controls are using GPS Waypoint navigation.

Md4-200 has a payload capacity of 250g which accommodates most popular cameras and sensors.

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Rate of climb: 7.0 m/s
​Operating speed: 8.0 m/s

Dimensions: 540 mm (from rotor hub to rotor hub)
​Weight: ca. 800 g (depending on configuration)
Flat core motors: yes
​CFD optimised propeller: yes
​​Closed carbon housing: yes
​IP43 protection: yes
​Temperature: -10 °C up to 40 °C
​Wind susceptibility: vibration-free images up to 4 m/s
Flight range: min. 500 m with remote control, with WP up to 6 km
Service ceiling: 2000 m ASL
Take-off altitude: up to 4000 m NN (WGS84)

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