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Closed carbon housing: yes
IP43 protection: yes

Temperature: -10 °C up to 50 °C
Humidity: max 90% r.H.
Wind susceptibility: vibration-free images up to 6 m/s
Flight range: min. 500 m with remote control, with WP up to 20 km​
Service ceiling: 2000 m ASL, 4500 m ASL - 3-blade carbon rotors necessary
Take-off altitude: up to 4000 m NN (WGS84)

UAV Aerial Mapping

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The mdMapper1000DG is your system to meet forensic mapping accuracy needs. It exceeds photogrammetry that is RTK supported.

​Equipped with Georeferencing and IMU integrated into the system the md4-1000DG is the most accurate system in the market right now with 1-3 pixel accuracy in X and Y and 3-5 pixels in Z. All built into the lightest airframe.

​This system doesn't require reference points. Reference points are the biggest consumer of time in the standard world of UAV.

​Get surface models and orthomosaic  photos with the Sony rx1rii camera. These fast and accurate results are the results of a company that builds solutions the real world needs.


​                                                           Specifications

Rate of climb: 7.5 m/s

​Operating speed: 12 m/s

​Weight: ca. 2,650 g (depending on configuration)

​Recommended load: 800 g

​Maximum load: 1.2 kg

Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): 6,000 g

​Dimensions: 1,030 mm (from rotor hub to rotor hub)

​Flying time: up to 45 minutes

(depending on load / wind / battery)

Flat core motors: yes

CFD optimised propeller: yes

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