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System Requirements  As of August 2018 a 32-bit version of Map360 will no longer be produced. 64-bit demo downloadhere

IMS Map360 operates entirely within the Windows operating system and has no hardware requirements over and above those of Windows itself, except as noted below.

We suggest the following basic system as a minimum for efficient operation:

Microsoft® Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (SP2), or Vista (SP1) – any edition, 32-bit or 64-bit
For 64-bit operating systems, install the 64-bit version of IMS Map360. The 64-bit version runs slightly faster, and can use all available system memory to handle large drawing files (access up to approximately 4GB of RAM on 64-bit operating system.)
Intel® Pentium® 4 or comparable faster processor recommended
2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM minimum (4GB or more recommended)
10 GB of free hard disk space recommended for typical installation
1024 x 768 VGA or higher resolution, video adapter, and monitor
Graphics card compatible with OpenGL Version 1.4 or higher
A compatible video card is required for the 3D rendering, point cloud, and animation engines.
Keyboard and mouse or other pointing device
CD-ROM or DVD drive for installation, if installing from a CD or DVD
High performance graphics adapter, if working with point cloud data
Available USB port for the USB Security Key

In order to use the data collector communication features, your system will also need an external RS-232 serial port or a USB connection for best performance with IMS Map360.

In order to get printed output, you will require a printer or plotter configured to work in your Windows environment. We recommend obtaining the most up-to-date printer/plotter drivers from the manufacturer's Internet web site.

Software Requirements:

IMS Map360 is designed for use with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (SP2), or Vista (SP1).  You will require administrative rights to install the software.

Note for Windows 98, ME, NT Users:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP are no longer supported operating systems.

Call us with your questions  1-800-810-9178

Sketch, Advanced, and Legacy Modes

IMS Map360 comes with three flexible and customizable workspaces, specially designed for the varying needs of different users.

Sketch mode provides a modern ribbon interface, with everything you need to import or enter forensic data and create a simple 2D or 3D diagram.

Advanced mode provides a modern ribbon interface with a fully-featured CAD program along with hundreds of additional forensic mapping tools.

Legacy mode provides an older style menus-and-toolbars interface that will be familiar to previous MapScenes Forensic CAD users.

Vehicle Specifications Database

Scene Analysis tool contains the most recent vehicle specifications database (v2015.1), which includes all 1971-2018 models.

The vehicle specifications database is compiled by the Collision Investigation and Research Division of Transport Canada.

AutoMAP Substitution Codes

Access field-coded parameters directly from your point descriptions and use them to control the Layer, Symbol, and other fields. (Previously available only in the Plotted Description field.)

Advanced Linetypes

Bring your drawing to life with realistic linetypes such as roadway lines, guard rails, and fences.

Selectable Evidence Markers

Increase productivity by select an Evidence Marker and the dialog will open for that corresponding point so you can easily update them.

Trajectory Cones

Draw 3D bullet trajectory cones from your measured trajectory rods, with a specified error tolerance and customizable layer and color properties.

Bullet Path Reconstruction

Reconstruct 3D bullet paths and draw trajectory lines and error cones, with a specified error tolerance and customizable layer and color properties, from a point cloud containing scanned trajectory rods.

Witness Viewpoints

Configure views of your 3D scene to corroborate or disprove witness statements about what they could or could not see during the incident.

Google Earth KML Export

Additional details are available in the Point and Line/Curve details, including point coordinates and line and curve information. New style options are available for specifying the point icon, icon size, and label size. Type WRITEKML at the command line, or in the menus select MsPoints > Export to Google Earth.

User interface

New ribbon interface that can be used with or without the menus.
New icons throughout IntelliCAD.
Updated status bar, including ability to single-click (instead of double-click ) status bar items.
Autocomplete commands when typing at the command line.
Updated Properties pane.
Support for workspaces.
Color schemes are now available.

IMS Map360 is the most precise desktop forensic mapping software available in the world. This powerful and feature rich program provides Law Enforcement Professionals and Accident Reconstruction Specialists, like you, with confidence that the evidence they present is precise, compelling, and irrefutable.

Produce scaled diagrams for use in court, creating a strong visual case for the prosecution or defense.

Input evidence collected at a crash or crime scene using data from evidence collection software to create detailed and accurate diagrams. Seamless integration with Evidence Recorder software ensures accurate diagrams, enabling investigators to testify on specific "conditions and effects" of an incident with confidence.

For times where you need to demonstrate what really happened by creating an animation, you can always continue directly with Map360 Animation Module.

IMS Map360 - A Power Tool for the Demanding Professional. The power you need, when it’s all on the line. Let’s talk about how you can achieve an unparalleled level of precision. It’s a lot easier than you may think.

Here are some of the features in IMS MAP360: