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Evidence Recorder 11 is the latest version of the world’s best selling evidence collection software built specifically for the professional reconstructionist.

Using a Field PC device such as the Archer by Juniper Systems, Evidence Recorder allows you to experience the power, precision and productivity gains associated with being able to visually verify your ongoing field evidence collection - on-the-spot, right in the palm of your hand! For maximum results it then can be seamlessly integrated into the Map360 desktop software.

Evidence Recorder enables you to identify details graphically, confirm you have everything you need, and rectify any errors or omissions - all before you leave the scene.

Why wait until you have loaded your data into your desktop computer to realize critical evidence points have been missed or are incorrect?

Evidence Recorder will give you confidence that your evidence data is captured, correct, and comprehensive.

The power you need, when it's all on the line. Let's talk about how you can achieve an unparalleled level of precision. It's a lot easier than you may think.

Evidence Recorder provides direct control of your total station. View your scene diagram as you measure it at the scene.

Draws lines and points quickly and easily - no more missed shots!

Records evidence points and maps the scene using your measurements

• Confirm and verify measurements at the scene

• Collect 3D points and lines - 3D view allows visual verification of point elevations.

• View in perspective at any time - measure in a 3D view to show walls, doors, windows as you collect data

• Spreadsheet views of coordinates for data review

Record and playback audio notes associated with evidence points in your diagram, at the scene or in the office.

Complete Description/Feature code drop list for easy selection

• Eliminates the need to type each description independently

• Easy to customize in the data collector

• Easy to add your own descriptions and download updated lists to Map360

• Supports other industry description lists when imported through Map360 desktop software

• User friendly tools •Room diagramming

• Baseline/Offset measurement tool

• Reference Point data display

• Instant verification of all measurements

• Flexible offset measurements - around corners, left - right - in front

• Remote Elevation pickup - how high is that pole?

• Plane measurements - how high is that wire above the road between those poles?

• Includes an evidence logging tool for tracking custody of evidence

• Customizable tool for logging evidence numbers, photo ID's, XY locations, and more

• Easily exportable to spreadsheet format

• Locations are plotted allowing verification of input

• Simple and easy to use tool bars and drop-down menus

• Tool tips

• Detailed help system with extensive graphics

• Smart Menus - just tap any line, arc, point, or blank screen area to get an intelligent menu

Evidence Recorder Software