3D PDF Converter (Tetra4)

3DPDF Converter is the world's leading solution for converting native 3D CAD data into rich, interactive 3DPDF documents, including full support for accurate BREP geometry and PMI.

Only 3DPDF Converter and Adobe Acrobat together allow you to control whether recipients of your 3DPDFs can measure, section, comment on or export 3D data from both Acrobat and the free Adobe Reader. Because Adobe Reader is installed on 98% of desktops worldwide, anyone who needs to view your 3D data already has all the software they need. Trust your 3D CAD data conversion to 3DPDF from the source – tetra4D is Adobe's exclusive provider of 3DPDF technology and the ubiquitous standard for open viewing of 3D CAD data.

                               Techsoft - 3D PDF Converter (Tetra4  development partner)

HOOPS Publish is the only SDK that gives your application the power to publish rich, interactive 3D PDF documents with the same native technology used by Adobe® to create and consume 3D PDF files. Data generated with HOOPS Publish has guaranteed compatibility with Adobe applications, including the free, ubiquitous Adobe Reader®, installed on over 93% of internet-connected computers globally. 3D PDF is not just popular, it's also powerful, capable of sharing data with the greatest accuracy and compression, including assembly instruction, B-rep, geometry and PMI, alongside other vital information including text, tables, images and more. As your technology partner, we'll provide you with easy-to-use API's including pre-built templates, and the assistance to smoothly integrate HOOPS Publish into your application.

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