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A Division of McKinzie and Associates, LLC
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Crime Scene Investigation
Accident Reconstruction
Forensic Mapping Sales and Service

True forensic mapping, accident reconstruction and crime scene investigations are a system. That system, is the combination of equipment and applications, plus, personnel proficient in using them in critical incident, crime scene, and reconstruction investigations.

MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013 Service Pack April 2014

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360 Digital Imaging SceneWorks by Spheron

Spider Mapping Critical Incident and Mass Casualty: Deploying multiple forensic mapping teams to a scene

Cutting the Economic Cost of Road Crashes


At CSI mapping of Olathe, Kansas, not only can we provide you with the right customized equipment package for your organization, but we are also experts in the critical incident and the reconstruction investigation field. With our years of experience, you get the applications and equipment you need, and you get our ability to effectively train your organization on how to become forensic mapping experts.

Call us at (800)810-9178. You can trust us to tell you exactly what your options are and provide you the right equipment, software, price and training to meet your needs.

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Custom 3D Mapping Library by CSI Mapping

Download CSI Mapping's customized 3D Mapping Library for Evidence Recorder here.



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